Who we are?

SK EVENTS is an Adelaide based event management serve established to upgrade the quality of the service in Nepalese live events and the founder also have a managing history of consecutive successful events in past years. We are an event organizer for Australian youth of Nepali origin that resides in the city of Adelaide. This association is enthused to promote entertaining events like cultural shows, live musical concerts, dance parties and social clubs to cater the Nepalese community and non-Nepalese community residing in Australia.
Moreover, this association is to build the establishment to the future generation of Nepalese youths living in Australia to have a little bit notion regarding our Nepalese culture, traditions and get connected with our social community.With a Team of Young, Creative, Dynamic, and dedicated professional, we are organizing first stand-up comedy show soon in Adelaide with the contract of NEPGASM team and doing Big Play Event Music Concert on sept. Our journey would be long term & urges to attend each event likewise we reach out to the target market to fully promote our sponsor of the Event.